That beautiful feeling when you finish putting coconut on the last cornstarch alfajor and you are admiring the sweet tower of "alfajorcitos" in front of you.
This autobiographical comic was born in 2017 when one casual morning, in the middle of a very boring class, it occurred to me to draw myself in that class, feeling bored.

In 2018, I found out I was going to be a mom. I had the idea to draw some of the scenarios I was going through during pregnancy along with my experience as a mother in order to keep those unique moments that can't always be captured with a camera.

I feel like cartoons help me express what I felt when I lived through those experiences, unlike a photo that only shows the event itself. 

By drawing it, each memory is engraved in my memory and my heart forever, and some time soon, all these moments will be compiled in a beautiful book that I know my daughter will love to flip through daily.

To see more crazy moments, follow me on Instagram: la_ponchi​​​​​​​

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