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Hello, welcome to my blog!

My name is Mary and I am a fashion designer, leather accessories designer and fashion illustrator. I have more than 12 years of experience as an accessories designer and currently I am 100% dedicated to analogue and digital fashion illustration

During these years I have been collecting interesting resources and tools, discovering techniques and design processes, falling in love with books and trying all kinds of materials to paint and to be able to express my ideas. 

I was born in Latin America but moved to Europe 10 years ago.

Living in so different places, and going from having few resources to design to being in an environment where I had to learn to compete in quality and design with the best designers and makers, made me develop a great ability to manage the resources available to solve problems, and to be always in a process of learning each technique in depth, both in drawing and accessory design, my great passions.

Today I want to share in this blog all those resources I got along the way to help designers and design students to make a mark in the fashion industry, making illustrations that stand out, designing more efficiently by highlighting their creativity and some tips to make money with their talent

Please feel free to contact me: info@vallverdudesign.com

Thanks for stopping by, let's keep in touch! 

Mary :D